Atlassian Confluence editor

The worst editor I have ever used.

March 08, 2019

I have used a lot of text editors and online editors. You can call me an editor hoarder. I love trying out new editors. But the online text editor of Atlassian Confluence is the worst counterintuitive thing ever. I cant type or format anything. For example;

  • The undo (cmd + z) does not undo the previous changes. No, it goes 3 changes back???

  • When I have a list and I want to remove the indentation of 1 line, it transfers my current line to the previous line. Even if the line above is a code block. It transfers the line INTO the code block. Why would anyone want that? A code block should be a self-contained thing and nothing to do with the rest of the text.

  • Inside a code block when trying to select everything with the all known global shortcut cmd + a, it selects everything in the entire page. Why? Just why???? Again it should be a self-contained thing.

  • Trying to indent something with tab does not work and you rotate with all the functions in the toolbar. But only when you have an indentation then it does work.

  • Lists are just awful. When editing a list it does nothing that you think it does. Backspacing on a bullet point, lets go to the previous line (wtf). And when you try to undo that, it undoes the previous 4 changes that you made.

  • The shortcuts for deleting words (alt + backspace) and deleting lines (cmd + backspace) never behave as you want. Deleting lines does not clear the bullet point and deleting words does not adhere to most common word breaks.

I can go on but Im having a hard time not to curse and scream when thinking about it. It takes me so long to format it. I understand for your average Joe it might work but I dont know if your average Joe is the one you should focus one. I really dont know how people work with this or if the creators even try it themselves. Even writing in HTML is faster and easier than this. I am so frustrated writing in this and Im not the only one.

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Future Ventures (Teach myself in 2020)

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Projects currently working on

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  • Learning to be a better writer
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