Published at: August 4, 2023

On my 31st birthday, I attempted to put into words the changes I had undergone in this new chapter of my life. However, the words I wrote didn’t resonate with me. I struggled to express the profound shift that had taken place within me.

In the past, I would shy away from confrontations, letting them build up in my mind and leave me feeling inadequate. I avoided difficult conversations, fearing their impact on my self-image. But there came a turning point, a moment of realization.

Reflecting on the past year, I found myself receiving a consistent message from various people: “You have grown.” Hearing this made me pause and ponder over what they were seeing in me.

As I hit the milestone of turning 30, I became more determined to discover my true self and live authentically. I sought inspiration from those around me, molding the person I aspired to become. Personal growth became my priority, pushing me to embrace assertiveness, vulnerability, openness, and honesty. Engaging in discussions and taking courses further fueled my journey, leading to remarkable personal development.

Today, I can genuinely say that I am content with who I am. I now own both my strengths and weaknesses, recognizing areas for improvement without undermining my accomplishments. Confidence in my abilities shines through, making me more assertive in pursuing my goals. The transformation I experienced has been a journey of self-discovery and learning, and it has brought me closer to the person I always wanted to be.

In the past, I would shy away,
From confrontations, I’d stray.
Now I’ve learned, and I can say,
Confronting helps me find my way.